Another Flood!

Ian and I arrived Tuesday, March 20 to the prediction of heavy rain and flash flooding. They were right as the following pics show.

This is the confluence from Sheid Bridge (Hwy 341)

There is a road somewhere between me and the sign!

These steps lead to the lower road.

Jack tying at the Sowbug.

The bug Sow-Bug is named after on the Norfork.

 Got a couple of nice browns below Long Hole.

One comment

  1. Hi Doug,
    I really did enjoy our trip. That was amazing seeing all of those sowbugs in the North Fork river. I really did enjoy seeing the deer & turkeys too. The SOWBUG ROUND-UP was also very enjoyable. I really did enjoy hanging that Brown, wish I could have landed him for a picture. We need to do it again sometime. Thank you for the trip. Ian

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