Sept. 27 -29 and Oct. 3-7

We held our annual Trout Retreat from Monday, Sept. 27 – 29. Had some low water on the Fork and also fished the Confluence.

Tim Thomas (below) made his second trip to AR and had a great time. Tim is due for knee replacement surgery in Nov. so we made sure to pray for him during our devotion times. Tim has the “G” as far as fishing goes so he caught on to the trout thing pretty quick.  David (my brother) and I did fair and certainly had a good time. Our bait fishing contingent were able to provide supper on Monday night. I know trout may not be the best  “pan fair” but when Mike Weldon puts on the grease you end up with something that would rival the Waldorf Astoria. Looking forward to next year already.

Oct. Alright I don’t like using a net. But seeing that this was my brother-in-law Ian’s second time to trout fish and his first fish of the day. About a 17 inch cutt.

Earlier in the week David and I fished with our friend Mike from St. Louis. Had low water until about 11 on Tuesday and 9 on Wednesday. Mike and I both got a nice cutt on Tuesday. The fishing has been superb. Woolies, soft hackles, scuds, you name it they were buying. We have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of crowds. That is a one of the advantages to having a boat.


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