Fun on the Little Su

It seems that my good blessings continue to lead me to new fishing buddies.  E7 Jason Baker (one of the Guard’s finest) and I hit it off from the first time Bregitte and I went back to Anchorage Weslyan, and we finally got a little fishing in.  He pointed me to a lesser-known spot on the Little Susitna, about 4 miles from Mom’s.  Lots of salmon have finally started moving in, and while we didn’t see any coveted silvers, loads of blushed kings and spoiling chums were holding up in his honey hole.  Naturally, at least a handful of rainbows and a few dollies gathered nearby, and the rippin was on.  The bows weren’t all that big, but willing to take the bead drifted behind a couple of mid-spawn kings.  Baker was throwing a bright orange #4 vibrax, and bumped a LOT of fish, and started bringing all sorts of fish.  He landed quite a few jack kings, and they looked like so much fun, I had catch one.  We waded quite a ways down river from the boat launch, in violation of Senor Bill Dance’s number one rule, and of course, it bit us.  It really didn’t matter, though, because we had such a good time, and seemed to consistently hook-up throughout the day.  The silvers are probably by now starting to trickle in, and that means more boats and more fishermen, but it sure looks like a good spot a little later in the year for quick trips to catch a handful of rainbows.

One of the smaller jacks Jason caught with regularity (I know, we thought it was a rainbow too)



This may be the last fish picture with the beard for some time. Wish the fish could have matched the magnificence of the imperial.

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