Trip Report 6/8 and 6/10 2011

We had a family reunion of sorts this past week and my son Brent and I got in a couple of half days on the Fork. As most of you know I don’t really like fishing out of the boat but if all our trips were like these two I might change my mind! Wednesday we put in at the confluence and ran up river and fished two units and had a blast. We heard the cicadas and while we didn’t have any of those tied up they were eager to take grasshoppers. We had steady action the four hours we fished even tied up out of the current and did well. We had some cicada patterns this time but they didn’t seem to out-fish the hoppers.

Brent and his wife and daughter are headed back to Alaska for a year. He just finished up his thesis for his MA and will be stopping at a couple of schools out west to apply for working on his doctorate. It was such a great time for us. It will be about six months before we get to see them again. (Our ninth grandchild is due in Dec.) God has been so good to us.

A few pics.

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