AR Trip Report 2/7/11 – 2/10/11

Pulled into Norfok Sunday after church and hit the Fork Monday also Tuesday got this brookie at the dam. Got to fish with Uncle Jack and a friend he brought from FL on Tuesday. It was cold and windy. I have never seen any more fish coming up than I have the last two trips. They are playing hard to get but have been getting a few. Along with the brookie above I also got a 14 inch cutt on a 24 BWO.

Last trip I had the privilege of fishing with Fox Statler. Fox is known as Mr. Sowbug as he is credited with tying the first sowbug imitation. he has caught numerous brown trout over 20 lbs! He just happened to be in the parking lot below the dam (Norfork). After a little conversation I invited him to join me as I was headed to the C&R area. He took me up on the invitation and we had a great time fishing together. We had a pretty good day and Fox invited me over to fish the South Fork of the Spring river this spring. I am certainly looking forward to that.

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