More Midge Magic!!! 5/3/10

OK, OK, things started off a bit slow. We left the Long Hole with about 12 fish to hand. Bro had 10 I had 2. We went to Ace In the Hole and I got about 10 and Bro got 2. We headed back up river to a not to be named as of yet hole. We got there about 12:30 and from then until the water came up about 5 it was non-stop action and hardly a stocker in the bunch. Probably the best day we have had in many a moon probably never a better day as far as average size.

Here’s some pics.

A slide show of Tuesday follows. The number were down. (I got 30 Bro got 18 but the size was still outstanding.)

Midges were the ticket again did get a few on woolies.  The water reached us about 2:30.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wednesday was the last day of fishing for this trip. It was another great day. Bro got 17 and I got twelve. Absolutely beautiful weather. We are blessed!

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