Gator Bowl

We had a great pre-Christmas bash at our house in MS. All of our family (Gail and I all the “children” and all the grandchildren.) was together the Monday evening before the Big Day. More family came over for Christmas day and we had another great day.

The day after some of us headed for AR. and were blessed by low water and great fishing.

Came home on Wed. and headed for Jacksonville, FL and the Gator Bowl on Thursday.   Up early Friday for the game and it was raining and cold! We made it to the stadium for Bobby’s last walk to the stadium with the team. Got into the stadium about noon with the game starting at 1 p.m. We were in a “mixed congregation” about half WV and half FSU fans. The WV fans were pretty rough on us early but “he who laughs last laughs best.” 

It was great to be a part of football history as we watched Bobby coach his last game. I have been an FSU fan for a long time and Brent grew up rooting for the Noles. Winning while being the underdogs made it that much better!

Here are a few pics.

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