Not Quite Home, but Still Very Nice

Well, I finally found a nice fishing hole.  Wilson Creek, which was about an hour drive, is big enough to make a nice cast, and holds some nice fish.  Fish and Game had just stocked here, so it was kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.  This little guy is probably one of the biggest fish I have caught here, and he was probably the smallest of the day, but he was the first.  I camped out close by, and took a pretty hike to the pictured falls.  I planned on fishing some more this afternoon, but after probably 10 miles or so on the trail, I was wiped out and ready for the couch.

Little Brookie

South Harper’s Falls (maybe?)

Grandfather Mountain

One comment

  1. Well, nice looking for sure! Great scenic pics and hey….they all can’t be GIANT ALASKAN RAINBOWS!!!! LoL
    I do dig the fall colors, thx for sharing the images of your trip.

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