May in the Valley

My buddy (my boss, too) Matt and I decided to welcome the summer with a trip to Kepler Lake.  This post would have come sooner, but my camera was in the tank, and, well here it is.  We had super weather, and a few fish.  Matt, Jason, Matt Jr. (Matteo), and our buddy Randy camped out Friday night, and Matt’s daughter Kaity and youngest, Jeff fished with us both Friday night and Saturday.  The fish weren’t as plentiful as we had hoped, but most of us had at least a bite or two.  I believe the total take was five beauties, and I hear that they tasted delicious! No trips to the emergency room, grrreat success!
Kaity goofing around
Jason and the catch
Jason, Matteo, and Randy on the hunt
Randy and I taking in the summer sunset

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