Alaska Update June 6-9

June 6 – 9 2009


Thought it was about time for another update.

 We had the distinct pleasure of attending the Anchorage Wesleyan Church on Sunday, June 7th.  We enjoyed the service and it was Rosemary’s first time in church since exiting the womb.

 Gail and I headed out after church. We drove to the Montana Creek Campground approximately 100 miles north of Anchorage. We set up “camp” and took a leisurely stroll to the confluence of Montana Creek and the Susitna River. Lovely to say the lest. Hope to include some pics.

 Out bright and early is search of the “noble” grayling and some “boz”. It was to be one of those days. Not a single taker, none, nada, zero, zip! Threw everything I could think of. Could postulate a lot of reasons but…

 Tuesday would be a bit different. Started fishing just below the railroad bridge with the Pheasant Tail Nymph. Bingo, just like that it was indeed the “noble” grayling. Not a huge specimen but good enough to get the skunk off. Move back up to the bridge and got into a bit of a flurry. Ended up with two more grayling and four bows.  Fished downstream a bit but did not do any good. Got one more bow at the bridge and headed in for the afternoon.


Headed back out about 3 p.m. and got a good grayling right off the bat. Met up with a gentleman (Willie) and we conversed for awhile and decided to head back up above the campground where he and his son had taken some nice bows. We were not so “lucky.” Had several looks from grayling but only ended up with one to hand.


The weather has been beautiful and the mosquitoes big, plentiful, and hungry! We have enjoyed the RV. Plan on moving to Cooper Landing Thursday and hitting opening day on the Russian River with Brent.


Don’t know when this will get posted but at least it is done.


God Bless!

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