Spring Fishing on the Kenai


Calendar says spring, but the pictures don’t.


Tito (Uncle) Alex is too good to me.  He takes me fishing, gives me the flies, shows me the holes, practically does everything but put the fish on the hook.  He let me use a personal pontoon this time (I gotta get one) and we hit the old river Friday morning.  Alex did pretty well on spinning gear.  He must have lost four or five and landed one before I even got a sniff.  Fred came down later that evening and bumped a couple,  but was unable to land either one.  I finally brought this one in, making it a very nice day indeed.  Alex and I drifted back home, and we each hit several fish on the way back, including two double hook-ups!  Of course, Alex hit two or three times the number of fish that I did, but he is the master.  The day was glorious, and my thanks to Fred and his mother for the hospitality (especially the ribs and good bed!) that made for a fantastic weekend.

 Sorry Brandon, maybe next time.

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