First Report of the New Year

Thursday, December 27 – Saturday, January 5, 2007.  We were blessed with a nice long after Christmas vacation and we enjoyed every minute of it! Drove up Wednesday the 26th after my mom and dads 65th wedding anniversary party. Rained (and snowed) all the way from Byram, MS to Norfork, AR.  

The Alaska contingent didn’t have anything on us this trip. Between Black Rock and Calico Rock they had they snow plows out! It was mostly slush and we did not see any real heavy snow as most of it was over when we drove through. There was some pretty good accumulation around Ash Flat. Temperatures later in the week were in the teens. Did that stop us? Not hardly.


Fished Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th fished with Jack (my brother-in-law). Went south of Red’s Landing Thursday and it was slow. The weather was tough. It was cold and windy. We caught a few bows but that was it. Friday hit the confluence and things picked up. Did manage to get a couple of small browns. Friday afternoon took Jack to get his “new” boat.  Saturday went north from Red’s Landing and it was on. Started about 10 a.m. and quit about 4 p.m., brought 38 or so to hand, got a 14 and a 15 inch brown. Both fish were fat and full of fight. (See pics) Fished Saturday the 29th up from Red’s and did pretty good. Took Sunday off and went to church. 

Late Sunday night BroD2 (David my brother) rolled in and we were on the water about 9 a.m. Monday the 31st  was our best day of the trip we caught about 78 all together. Had a brown that went 16 inches (see pic) The action was steady all day. It was fairly warm but the wind blew like crazy. A cold front moved in Monday night and pretty much shut things down the rest of the trip. Wednesday was the only day we didn’t fish.  Temps in the teens and twenties at night The cold weather brought on some heavy generation. They hadn’t run for several days before our arrival (conditions I like while others do not.) So we fished the Fork Thursday –Saturday the 4th. I suspected that some shad were coming thorough but never saw any. Caught one brown on a white jig but that was it. We fished after the generation stopped but did not do very good. Fished all the way to the upper end of the C&R Friday but got only a dozen or so. Saturday we fished the handicap area and did not do much good. There were fish all around but we couldn’t get them to take anything.  

Will be back ASAP.  

Hope everyone has a great New Year. Doug

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