Trip Report October 07

This time last week I was about calf deep near the confluence of the White and Norfork! I was fishing with Jack, my brother-in-law, and he was wearing me and the fish out. Jack was fishing with a big soft hackle he ties and it was deadly he was getting and take just about every cast and landing quite a few. I was fishing with several different “patterns” and picking up a few. The olive wooly was my favorite.  Jack had to go to town (he was getting ready to go back home) and pick up some supplies for the trip back. I dropped him off and went downstream a bit. It was incredible. There was a gravel bar that covered about two-thirds of the river. The water was about a foot deep over it. The gravel bar dropped off into about three feet of water with a few deeper holes just downstream. The fish were stacked in there like crazy. They were coming up out of the deeper water onto the gravel bar to “feed.” I’d never seen anything quite like it. But even with the frenzy the fish were a little picky. They would take whatever you’d throw but you could only get a couple of takes and then you’d have to change flies. I tried to get a video of but it didn’t turn out too good. Most of the fish were ten to twelve inches biggest was probably fourteen or so. I was hoping to get some browns but it didn’t happen.  Actually got into Norfork on Thursday and fished a bit in the afternoon. Saw Jimmy T., a local guide who I have know for some years. I caught one brown, the only one of the trip, about 9 inches.  Headed back home Saturday morning and had a great trip. Beautiful weather and the leaves were just starting to turn. God is good.  Hope to get back up during Thanksgiving with some of the family. DougImage Hosting by

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